Australian Wine - One Brand for the World

Original Post: 19th of July, 2013

On recent excursions by the Flyfaire Wines team to such wine nations as Chile and France, and even to other nations such as the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada – it is not excessively difficult to find a drop of Aussie white or red. 

Generally speaking, there is a good selection of both high and low end Aussie wines available in these countries for the consumer.  This is good for Australian Wine to have representation and be recognised internationally for what we have to offer.  However, Australian Wine is in dire need of wider representation from our all our wine producing areas to exhibit all of what our sunburnt land can offer. 

What I have noticed is that when you want something a little more specific in Aussie Wines, all of a sudden your choices may dwindle and become a little more difficult to come by.  It definitely leaves the impression that this gap could be filled.      

Perhaps to highlight one country, for example, that doesn’t suffer this same fate in choice of wines is France.  Every supermarket/wine store will have an exceptionally wide variety of French wines that provide you with a reasonable selection of quality wines from Bordeaux, Champagne, Burgundy, Alsace and the list goes on. 

Perhaps one of Australia’s problems is that our wine industry has seen what France has done and has tried to emulate this through the marketing of our regions to the world – such as our Barossa region, Hunter Valley, Rutherglen, etc.  However, unlike France, no one has heard of these except if you live in Australia or if you really like Aussie wine. 

Perhaps one solution to our market woes is to create a brand at a country level, and market our wines as Australian wine.  One such example that I have seen is the Tourism Australia who focuses on promoting Australian tourism as a whole abroad, rather than just the individual states.  Another example is the kangaroo symbol for made in Australia goods which promotes to consumers the quality of Australian innovation.  In the same fashion, Australian Wine could potentially copy this approach.

Some of the benefits of a single brand approach include:

  • creating consistency in our marketing image to the world;
  • providing greater leverage to negotiate on behalf of growers to international markets;
  • ensuring that there are adequate representations of all the wine regions within Australia internationally; and
  • last and foremost, ensuring a greater variety of Australian wines on international shelves. 

There is most likely even a niche market for producers, such as Flyfaire, to market themselves as sustainable vineyards to appeal to the growing tastes for green products!

The above suggestions are particularly relevant given the rising consumption of wine in the East in such countries as China and India, who are demanding our wine in a big way.   They are still just beginning to appreciate wine and it is important to create a consistent, quality Aussie brand there now to ensure our wine remains in demand from these countries in future. 

There are probably many strategies that can be employed to improve our market share of the supermarket shelves internationally.  My only hope is that when people buy a bottle of our wines abroad, that they can do so with a great selection to accurately reflect what we have to offer.  Then they might easily conclude that, as Benjamin Franklin once did, ‘wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.’  Let’s hope that that conclusion is reached by sipping an Aussie Shiraz, or Merlot, or Riesling, or Chardonnay, or Cabernet, the list goes on…

Written by Flyfaire Wines – the views expressed are those of the Marketing Manager and should be taken in the spirit of improving Australian wine representation abroad.

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