Flyfaire Bottle Wall – not just a pretty façade!

As the final touches are applied to our cellar door, in preparation for the grand opening in early 2013, we are proud to discuss our innovations for this marvelous building.  One of those is the building of a bottle wall, similar to the one featured on our facebook page and pictured below.  Not only will it be a feature of our much loved new deck area, which will really add to the atmosphere of planned events such as our ‘Sunday on the Deck’ – BBQ and music afternoon, but it also add a layer of protection!

Aussies are well aware that the Australian Bush is both beautiful and dangerous.  One of the biggest dangers is of course fires during the summer, which have devastated Aussies and their families / homes over the past century.  As Flyfaire Wines is in the middle of the Australian Bush, there is certainly that element of danger to contend with.  So we thought, every little bit helps…right?

Well, we all know that glass is created under extremely high heat and then moulded shaped as desired. By using a bottle wall (btw, the bottles are empty for all those who thought it was a wall full of wine!) which surrounds part of the cellar door, we are effectively providing one more layer of protection between us and any potential fires.  As glass has an extremely high capacity to store heat, it will absorb the heat of the bush fire prior to reaching the cellar door building itself.  So, it’s not just a pretty façade after all!

Plus, it will be put together using 100% recycled bottles – demonstrating our commitment to remain as sustainable during the construction of our beloved cellar door.  We look forward to welcoming you to our completed cellar door in early 2013 and showing you around, including our pretty fire proof façade…

Flyfaire Wines

Flyfaire is a sustainable, low chemical and low carbon single block vineyard situated in the pristine Woomargama National Park, NSW, Australia. We focus on low acreage methods to produce high quality, distinctive tasting wines. Our Cellar Door and Café experience provides a pleasurable escape from the rush of everyday life. We feature a seasonal locally sourced café menu that we're sure you'll enjoy. Drop by today to taste one of our vintages and experience our cellar door.