It's raining and it's pouring and it's snowing?!

Original Posting: 17 of August, 2012

The Flyfaire crew have been busy laying the concrete slab foundations for our brand new wine cellar - exciting!!!  However, rain, rain and more rain have been hampering efforts to complete our efforts.  With more rain predicted in the next week, and potentially snow, we have been fighting the elements these past few months with a very cold and wet winter.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), June 2012 had an average low temperature of 4.08 degrees C (0.53 degrees C below historical averages).  Chunks of Western NSW were below 1 degree C historical averages which were associated with anomalously heavy southerly winds.  According to the BOM, rainfall for June 2012 was close to historical averages - (

It's Snowing at Flyfaire

It's Snowing at Flyfaire

With snow predicted next week, Flyfaire has a job ahead to complete all our works for our new cellar door and wine cellar.  On the plus side, we all love the snow and we will post our snow pictures to boot! 

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