Nana Attends the Grand Opening

Nana Attends Cellar Door Opening Flyfaire Wines

8-10th of June, 2013: For all of you who attended the Grand Opening on the Queen's Birthday weekend, you may have enjoyed a glass of wine or two, or you may have just enjoyed our beautiful new cellar door,...or you may have had a chance to meet Nana!  Yes, Nana was there and helped enormously with the preparing for the Grand Opening including sanding doors and sweeping floors.  We couldn't have done it without her!

So, come Grand Opening Day, Nana had a bit of time to stand in the spotlight and enjoy being a little bit of a celebrity.  Many people were curious to meet Nana in the flesh and were obviously delighted by the results - we know, Nana is pretty fabulous.  So well done Nana for showboating a bit and helping out to put together what was a wonderful weekend.

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About On the Road with Nana

You may have seen our Nana, June Cox, on Facebook whipping up a fabulous cake or in the vineyard picking the latest vintage.  At the age of 88, this is no mean feat.  

So, in appreciation for all of her help, we thought we would do a mini blog of what Nana is up to in the vineyard.

Flyfaire Wines

Flyfaire is a sustainable, low chemical and low carbon single block vineyard situated in the pristine Woomargama National Park, NSW, Australia. We focus on low acreage methods to produce high quality, distinctive tasting wines. Our Cellar Door and Café experience provides a pleasurable escape from the rush of everyday life. We feature a seasonal locally sourced café menu that we're sure you'll enjoy. Drop by today to taste one of our vintages and experience our cellar door.