Nana works the de-stemmer for the Merlot


15th of March, 2013: This week, our Nana decided that she wants a new career at the age of 88.  Per last week's post, she has decided she will be the Quality Control Supervisor (a promotion from last week) of Flyfaire Wines.  She was getting her hands dirty by instructing Les, our winemaker, how to de-stem the Merlot harvest.

Of course we agree, Les clearly was lost and not sure what he was doing until Nana came along and gave him the right advice!  Good work Nana we say...

Again, we note that there is no hard-hat; it's a matter of leading by example Nana.  We will have to allocate this to you in next week's budget.

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About On the Road with Nana

You may have seen our Nana, June Cox, on Facebook whipping up a fabulous cake or in the vineyard picking the latest vintage.  At the age of 88, this is no mean feat.  

So, in appreciation for all of her help, we thought we would do a mini blog of what Nana is up to in the vineyard.

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