Spring 2014 Newsletter

Welcome to Flyfaire's Spring 2014 Newsletter, a seasonal update on the goings-on in the vineyard. This newsletter: we celebrate Father's Day with BBQ on the Deck; our latest blog adventure where our Winemaker & Business Director visit an out of the way vineyard in the USA; join us to Wine & Dine in the Woomargama National Park; and Christmas is around the corner.

Enjoy the newsletter, the team at Flyfaire.

Father's Day BBQ on the Deck

Wondering where to take Dad this Father's Day? Look no further to find the ideal solution as Dad will love the relaxed atmosphere of Flyfaire's wonderful Deck.

We look forward to welcoming you and Dad to a yummy BBQ, a glass of cool climate wine, a relaxing day in the surrounds of the Woomargama National Park, and most importantly treating Dad to a great day out.

Dad will be savouring a juicy grass fed beef steak cooked perfectly on the BBQ with a selection of freshly prepared salads. All for only $25. 

Out of the Way, USA Wine Tour

Recently, our Winemaker and Business Director (Les and Julianne) visited a small vineyard in the most unlikely of places; the Mormon state of Utah, USA.

Extract from the blog:

Utah, USA: Red Rock Country, or the Utah rock desert, is hot, harsh, dry, beautiful, and breathtaking all at the same time.

It has become obvious to me as a Vigneron, that Vitus Vinifera (i.e., the common grape vine) will grow practically anywhere. Just add water! In this case, water from the Colorado River and the various wells associated with the aquifers beneath the red rock desert.
— Blog Post by Flyfaire Wines

On the 5th of October, 2014, Flyfaire Wines and Wymah Organic Olives & Lamb are proud to present 'Explore the Forest - Wine & Dine' with the Friends of the Woomargama National Park ("WNP").  The Friends of the WNP are responsible for ensuring that our pristine forest is well cared for and also documenting important flora & fauna identified.  The day will provide participants with the opportunity to explore and learn about the forest, whilst enjoying fabulous food at the end.

The itinerary is as follows:
11am: A family friendly guided forest walk in WNP to discover the delights of the forest in flower. Members of the Friends of WNP will be on hand to share the experience.

12pm-12.30pm: Meander back to the Flyfaire Wine Cellar Door set in the heart of the forest. Enjoy tender organic spit roasted lamb from Wymah Organic Olives & Lamb. The lamb will be infused with savours of the surrounding Eucalypts. Wine can be ordered by glass or bottle. Sit back and enjoy the fine cool climate wines, the local olives and this special setting.

Tickets are only $30 with a $5 donation to the Friends of the WNP.

Christmas Bookings

With the Christmas period just three months away, remember that Flyfaire offers the perfect setting to hold your Christmas function this year.  

With a generous inside setting arrangement and a wonderful deck that can hold upwards of 50 people, delicious slow cooked food, a delightful setting in the Woomargama National Park, and of course our excellent cool climate wines - Flyfaire is the destination this Christmas to celebrate your corporate or family function. 

Flyfaire Wines

Flyfaire is a sustainable, low chemical and low carbon single block vineyard situated in the pristine Woomargama National Park, NSW, Australia. We focus on low acreage methods to produce high quality, distinctive tasting wines. Our Cellar Door and Café experience provides a pleasurable escape from the rush of everyday life. We feature a seasonal locally sourced café menu that we're sure you'll enjoy. Drop by today to taste one of our vintages and experience our cellar door.