Christmas 2014 Newsletter



Merry Christmas from everyone at Flyfaire! 2014 has being another big year for Flyfaire and we are simply taken aback by all of the local community support we've received since we opened on the Queen's Birthday of June 2013. We are looking forward to 2015 including completing our cellars (we know it's been a bit messy, so thank you for your understanding while we improve our venue for you), making more great wines, and providing an essential venue for the local community.
This newsletter we feature the new children's playground at Flyfaire, and Teddy the vineyard dog.
Merry Christmas &  a Happy Festive Season to all.
The team at Flyfaire.

Recent Visits

Dr. Robertson

Les, our Winemaker to the left and Dr. Robertson, to the right.

Les, our Winemaker to the left and Dr. Robertson, to the right.

Back from a recent visit to Chile, Dr. Robertson called in for a few days to visit Flyfaire.

Dr. Robertson adventured with an observation flight in Tierra del Fuego off Punta Arenas, Chile to count and observe the recovery of the Great Southern Albatross the most prolific area of these birds.

Whilst at Flyfaire, he observed and identified several bird species, including the Rainbow Bee Eater Merops ornatus, Fairy Martin Hirundo ariel, Welcome Swallow Hirundo neoxena and Black-faced Cuckoo-Shrike Coracina novaehollandiae

Graham also lent a hand in the final planting of the last 2 rows of our new block of Carménère.

Marty Yates

We were delighted to welcome Marty Yates and his wife Bronwyn from Auckland, New Zealand. Marty, a colleague from Les's, our winemaker, wine science days at Charles Sturt University has returned to Flyfaire to share many stories and fine wines from New Zealand.

While with us, Marty enjoyed working again amongst the vines, planting replacements in the Merlot and Chardonnay, repairing irrigation systems and getting ready for the summer season.

Marty has shown a keen interest in returning for Vintage 2015 and his expertise in wine-making styles will hopefully be evident in our next vintage.

Bron was a delight to have at Flyfaire, her natural welcoming style and ability to make people feel comfortable is a gift few people have.

Both Marty and Bron have been involved in environmental restoration in Auckland and had a keen appreciation of our endeavours.

We look forward to welcoming them both again in 2015.

New Children's Playground comes to Flyfaire

Les & Jarryd have been busy installing Flyfaire's new children's playground close to our Cellar Door - which is great news for parent's wanting to kick back and relax at Flyfaire. Don't worry Mum's & Dad's, you will be able to sit on Flyfaire's deck whilst enjoying a cool glass of Flyfaire riesling, chardonnay, or merlot and still be able to watch the kids.
The only problem now is that we will just have to make sure the children get to play on the playground and not just Les & Jarryd when it's finished!

Merry Christmas from Teddy the Vineyard Dog

We really love this photo of Teddy the vineyard dog, who is guarding the vines for us. Usually, when Teddy isn't meeting and greeting his adoring public, he is either swimming in the dam, finding a muddy patch to roll in, or exploring the vineyard for interesting new smells. 
Ted is a customer favourite due to his friendly nature and handsome face - don't you think?

Flyfaire Wines

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