Miss Esse Cooks - Beef Bourguignon & Thatched Chicken Cider Pies

Beef Bourguignon Pies as cooked by Miss Esse!

Beef Bourguignon Pies as cooked by Miss Esse!

"Miss Esse Cooks" is our new series celebrating our beautiful slow combustion stove - Miss Esse - named as such because Esse is the brand name of the stove. 

This post we are featuring Beef Bourguignon Pies (featured above) and Thatched Chicken Cider Pies. Miss Esse is definitely creating beautiful slow cooked heart-warming dishes such as these lovely pies.

It will be a beautiful sunny day today at Flyfaire making it a great day for a Roadtrip to Flyfaire for lunch where you can enjoy the northern sun-drenched deck.

We look forward to seeing you out here for a hearty pie and, of course, a glass of wine.

About Miss Esse

Miss Esse has multiple functions, including heating the Cellar Door in winter, cooking our fabulous slow cooked meals and just looking pretty damn good. We can only run her in the colder months as she gets too hot in summer and we wouldn't want to risk hot embers starting a bushfire.

Flyfaire Wines

Flyfaire is a sustainable, low chemical and low carbon single block vineyard situated in the pristine Woomargama National Park, NSW, Australia. We focus on low acreage methods to produce high quality, distinctive tasting wines. Our Cellar Door and Café experience provides a pleasurable escape from the rush of everyday life. We feature a seasonal locally sourced café menu that we're sure you'll enjoy. Drop by today to taste one of our vintages and experience our cellar door.