Festive Season 2012 Newsletter

Letter to the Marketing Manager...
from the Angry Winemaker (also vineyard manager, mechanic, spray technician, cellar builder and Chilean wine traveller)...

Dear Marketing Manager, I am outraged to find out that the Marketing Manager has approved the sale of our premium 2004 vintage Riesling for AU$15 per bottle! This elegant wine has spent the last eight years in the cellars u nd erg r ou nd, enjoying 60% humidity and a temperature of 12oC. It displays the most beautiful bottle ageing characteristics and has been rated by James Halliday as “bright straw green, amazing for a wine of this age; has pronounced pyrazine aromas”.

$15 is far below the value of this masterpiece. Seeking excellence in our products is our mantra. Perhaps we should be seeking a better Marketing Manager who can appreciate the true value of our wines! The 2012 Flyfaire vintage, which is yet to be released, promises to displays varietal characteristics of a floral & green apple nose, subtle crisp citrus (grapefruit) that feels luscious on the mouth and lingers with the above fruit flavours.

Finally it ends with a crisp acid finish. The 2012 vintage is a truly remarkable & well balanced Riesling that is structured to cellar well and develop in the bottle over time. Our 2012 Riesling vintage is definitely one that will impress! We look forward to sharing it with you in our new packaging at our 2013 Gr and Cellar Door opening...  

Creative Festive Decorative Ideas Creative Festive Decorative Ideas for your Used Wine Bottles

Ever thought to yourself - ‘what should with I do with my used wine bottles and corks?’. Well I have for one, so I have started to decorate the top my front door with various corks and I have also seen people with a metre high vase full of corks. Pretty cool.

This got me to thinking that, in this day of DIY, why not create festive season decorations with wine bottles & corks. Here are some festive ideas to create low cost, great for t h e e n v i r o n m e n t , wonderful decorations:

  • Wine Bottle(s) Mantle Piece(s): Putting strands of white lights in a wine bottle makes for a classic display. Just strip the labels off of three bottles and then use battery/ solar powered LED lights to avoid having to cut into the glass. I found some solar ones on ebay, although you’ll have to deal with the solar panel placement problem.
  • Cork Wreath: You can be really creative here. Requiring just a little effort and a fair bit of drinking to get enough corks, you’ll be set by next year. Start with a Styrofoam circle and using glue, stick corks on in different directions and decorate with pine cones, ribbon, and some cranberries. You will have a very earthly wreath, and for an Australian element, add some Banksia flowers.
  • Popcorn & Cork tinsel: E v e r w i s h e d f o r environmentally friendly tinsel to decorate the tree. Well, here’s your answer. Firstly, pop some popcorn (better to use non-butter or oil based). Next cut the corks into smaller cylinders (about half a centimetre thick). Then, using a needle and thread, feed the popcorn and at e v e n l y s p a c e d intervals, the cork. Voilà, here you have some great looking tinsel. You can also eat the popcorn too in the new year… maybe not, as it might be a bit stale!
  • Cork Snowman: This is a fun decoration you can do with your children. Use a cork for the body and a sliced up cork for the head. Add a toothpick or metal pick to fix the two together. To make the hat use some paper. Paint and decorate to your style and tastes.

Good Luck with your creations, I know I will be trying them. Anyone have some spare corks? 

Sunday on the Deck - Coming to Flyfaire in 2013

Flyfaire Wines Cellar Door is more than just a another cellar door, it’s a concept that we have been trying to create. We have been working hard these past few months to create this concept and a great example is our signature deck area. It utilises the ambience and natural beauty of our surrounds, reflects our unique philosophy and will stay with people as being something special, long after they leave.

The large deck area, with a few special features which will be revealed upon opening, has achieved an inviting area that all patrons will certainly be able to enjoy. People will have no trouble being able to soak in the surroundings of the beautiful forest and the magical water ways.

Furthermore, parents will be happy to hear that we have the facilities for all ages. This includes our new play area, which children will enjoy and is just off the deck area, useful for parents to keep a watchful eye upon their little ones. Lastly, we are looking forward to making Sundays a little bit special by holding musical performances and providing Sunday BBQ signature dishes.

One particular artist we are excited to have in the near future is Daniel Allars, a talented Sydney musician, which you can check out exclusively at Flyfaire’s opening. You can also preview one of his performances on YouTube. We hope to see you all soon, relaxing on Flyfaire’s deck!

Daniel Allars Live @ Sydney Blues & Roots Festival Windsor 2012

Update from the Cellar Door

The Flyfaire Cellar Door construction continues and excitement is building! The final preparations are being put together with the last coats of paint going on and lots of cleaning for the grand opening. Here are some of the things going on at the Cellar Door:

  • Stone Work: For the inside of the cellar door, work is well underway with Tony and Brett, our tilers who are both scuba divers and abalone hunters, doing a fantastic job.
  • Powering the Cellar Door: Flyfaire doesn’t have a connection to the main power grid, so we are still working out how to power the cellar door. Solar panels may hold the answer. If so, we will also have to link the solar system to the our current power system automatically and to balance the load. We will have to use a load sensing switch to balance the load, which we hope will work when we start using the main power appliances such as the coffee machine. We are also thinking wildly and perhaps using a wind turbine to help perhaps to cater to the additional electricity demands on windy days. It can also feed up to 1000watts into our overall electricity supply.
  • Lighting: We have installed lovely LED lights to lower our electrical usage (14w) and we also believe our readers will be very impressed with the strip lighting under our cornices in the ceiling.
  • Engineer at work: Our budding Engineer, Richard, has joined the team during his university holidays. His has begun work preparing and finishing the solid timber skirtings to the rock work columns that surround the cellar door building. Richard is currently doing a specialised welding course at the University of Melbourne as part of his university course. We will look forward to putting those skills to use as we build our jetty and install our new wharf just next to the cellar door, perfect for weddings!
  • Tips and Advice: We would be more than happy to receive any advice from any of our newsletter readers on any of the above. You can always email les@flyfaire.com to share all of your ideas.

Also, you can check out the photos on our website of our cellar door from beginnings to now (cellar door was lovingly known then as the “railway house”).

Flyfaire Wines

Flyfaire is a sustainable, low chemical and low carbon single block vineyard situated in the pristine Woomargama National Park, NSW, Australia. We focus on low acreage methods to produce high quality, distinctive tasting wines. Our Cellar Door and Café experience provides a pleasurable escape from the rush of everyday life. We feature a seasonal locally sourced café menu that we're sure you'll enjoy. Drop by today to taste one of our vintages and experience our cellar door.