Flyfaire's Spring Newsletter 2016

2016 NSW Small Winemakers Wine

Flyfaire has won bronze at the 2016 NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show held in Forbes, NSW. We entered our new line - Flyfaire 2016 Gold Chardonnay in the "CLASS 25 - Apera and Varietals or Blended Fortified Wine not covered by classes 26 or 27, Dry to Sweet" to win the bronze. 

We also entered a number of other vintages which also scored well, but missed out on gaining any medals - including Flyfaire 2016 Merlot Rouge and our Flyfaire 2015 Merlot & Chardonnay. The judges' comments were limited, but they did say that "most of the wines have flavour and freshness" in the Dry White Table for our 2015 chardonnay. We'll take what we can get we guess! 

We're a big supporter of the NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show. We've entered many of our wines these past few years and have received positive feedback for our wines. We'll definitely be back in 2017!

Big Rains are Good for Vines & for Summer Water Retention


We've all being talking lately of the big rains that we've been having and with the Hume Weir (Lake Hume) at 99.51% (11 Nov. 2016), it's understandable. 

For us at Flyfaire though, it's really good news as these early spring rains help our vines enormously. The rains for one help their spring growth after the winter dormant months. And, more importantly, they get them ready for the hot Aussie summer ahead by increasing water retention capacity. All good news to help us have a bummer 2017 crop!

The World Visits Flyfaire

With our recent sign on the Hume Hwy (M31), we have been receiving more and more international visitors. In response, we've put up a world map for when people enter. Visitors can place a pin to show where they're visiting from. 

So far, we've had visitors from (as shown in gallery above) Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Nepal, Canada, Kuwait, India - to name a few. It makes for interesting tales as we get to hear about people's travels and share stories with them. We're pretty sure our map will have a diverse set of locations shortly and all the better as we get to meet super interesting folks with great stories!

Backpackers Lodging

Running a vineyard is a lot of work - from picking, to pruning, to pressing, to bottling - there are so many tasks that have to be done. So, we often have to rely on getting outside help so that all these tasks can get done.

Given Australia's youth visa program that allows people to stay up to 2 years (they can stay an extra year on top of the first year so long as they spend 3 months or so working in a rural community), backpackers are often perfect candidates to help out as they are often looking for work in rural communities. 

Their contribution to rural and regional Australia cannot be understated as they often work in helping out businesses that can have difficulties in finding employees in these sometimes remote communities. 

The team at Flyfaire has being building backpacker lodging to enable us to better accommodate backpacker guests who want to stay and work at Flyfaire. We hope to have these lodgings finished shortly, as we've found that many backpackers don't have accommodation (and often isn't feasible for 3 months) easily available. We're looking forward to their valuable help and hosting them - as well as hearing about their often interesting travels and stories!

Autumn Newsletter 2016

Welcome to Flyfaire's Seasonal Newsletter - Autumn

This newsletter we explore Vintage 2016, Easter Discounts for Everybody, Kiddies Lunch Box Kits (a parent must read), and Honk Honk the Goose gets new friends. We hope you enjoy our Autumn edition and please leave your comments on our online version.
The team at Flyfaire.

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Vintage 2016 @FlyfaireWines

Backpackers Kristy from Los Angeles and Patrice from Paris Picking

Backpackers Kristy from Los Angeles and Patrice from Paris Picking

Vintage 2016 was a very interesting vintage with three seasons in one - sunshine followed by rain and then more sunshine. This year we had more varieties to add to our offering with Shiraz, Carménère, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon with Riesling and Marsanne still to come. Not a bad season considering the ups and downs of the ripening season.

We had lots of help this year as well including backpackers from Paris and Los Angeles, friends from New Zealand and our work experience student to get the grapes off the vine and into the vats. We also took a video of processing our Cabernet Sauvignon to show you all how the grapes are processed - see below. Read full vintage post here.

Discount Easter Treats for Everybody from Flyfaire

5% off orders over $100 and 10% off when over $200

5% off orders over $100 and 10% off when over $200

Happy Easter everybody! This Easter, we're giving away treats. All customers to our online store will receive 5% off all orders over $100 (use code 46DYWMU) and even bigger discounts for orders over $200 with a 10% discount (use code 1B7VDAG). Only valid until 31 March, 2016. Discover our wines and gift vouchers at

Kids' Lunch Boxes Kits Go Viral

Our new kids' lunch kits are a hit with mums and dads (and kids) alike

Our new kids' lunch kits are a hit with mums and dads (and kids) alike

We've been meaning to share this due its popularity with kids visiting Flyfaire and probably because it's even more popular with Mums and Dads! A healthy option for the kids, the little box of goodies includes kid friendly sandwiches, fruit of the day, jelly and a few treats (not too many of course).

This kids' lunch box option has been so popular with Mums and Dads that we needed to get the word out to parents wondering what to do on a day out to the vineyard. So, next time you're out at Flyfaire with the little ones, don't forget to ask for the kids' lunch box kit and everyone will be pleasantly surprised! 

Honk Honk the Goose has New Friends

And now, for a little bit of a happy ending story. Honk Honk the lone goose recently got two new friends! He is not so lonesome anymore. Our good family friend Valco brought the two friends out recently and now they're in the process of getting to know each other!

We're looking forward to seeing you this weekend for some Easter fun!