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Flyfaire's Spring Newsletter 2016

2016 NSW Small Winemakers Wine

Flyfaire has won bronze at the 2016 NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show held in Forbes, NSW. We entered our new line - Flyfaire 2016 Gold Chardonnay in the "CLASS 25 - Apera and Varietals or Blended Fortified Wine not covered by classes 26 or 27, Dry to Sweet" to win the bronze. 

We also entered a number of other vintages which also scored well, but missed out on gaining any medals - including Flyfaire 2016 Merlot Rouge and our Flyfaire 2015 Merlot & Chardonnay. The judges' comments were limited, but they did say that "most of the wines have flavour and freshness" in the Dry White Table for our 2015 chardonnay. We'll take what we can get we guess! 

We're a big supporter of the NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show. We've entered many of our wines these past few years and have received positive feedback for our wines. We'll definitely be back in 2017!

Big Rains are Good for Vines & for Summer Water Retention


We've all being talking lately of the big rains that we've been having and with the Hume Weir (Lake Hume) at 99.51% (11 Nov. 2016), it's understandable. 

For us at Flyfaire though, it's really good news as these early spring rains help our vines enormously. The rains for one help their spring growth after the winter dormant months. And, more importantly, they get them ready for the hot Aussie summer ahead by increasing water retention capacity. All good news to help us have a bummer 2017 crop!

The World Visits Flyfaire

With our recent sign on the Hume Hwy (M31), we have been receiving more and more international visitors. In response, we've put up a world map for when people enter. Visitors can place a pin to show where they're visiting from. 

So far, we've had visitors from (as shown in gallery above) Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Nepal, Canada, Kuwait, India - to name a few. It makes for interesting tales as we get to hear about people's travels and share stories with them. We're pretty sure our map will have a diverse set of locations shortly and all the better as we get to meet super interesting folks with great stories!

Backpackers Lodging

Running a vineyard is a lot of work - from picking, to pruning, to pressing, to bottling - there are so many tasks that have to be done. So, we often have to rely on getting outside help so that all these tasks can get done.

Given Australia's youth visa program that allows people to stay up to 2 years (they can stay an extra year on top of the first year so long as they spend 3 months or so working in a rural community), backpackers are often perfect candidates to help out as they are often looking for work in rural communities. 

Their contribution to rural and regional Australia cannot be understated as they often work in helping out businesses that can have difficulties in finding employees in these sometimes remote communities. 

The team at Flyfaire has being building backpacker lodging to enable us to better accommodate backpacker guests who want to stay and work at Flyfaire. We hope to have these lodgings finished shortly, as we've found that many backpackers don't have accommodation (and often isn't feasible for 3 months) easily available. We're looking forward to their valuable help and hosting them - as well as hearing about their often interesting travels and stories!

Spring 2015 Newsletter New Menu | Christmas Functions | Gift Certificates | Inland Tourism Awards | Riesling Challenge | Colouring In for Adults Event

New Platter Menu at Flyfaire

New Platter Menu at Flyfaire

New Flyfaire Menu: New Platters, Local Beers, and More...

Julianne, our wonderful chef at Flyfaire, has just jazzed up the menu to ensure that we are only serving the freshest, local produce - YUM! And the best thing we think that was added is our new wonderful (and very popular) platters to share.

To get you savouring at the thought of these platters, why not try one of following for your next visit:

  • Aussie Platter: Smoked Kangaroo, Lamb and Ham, Tomato Relish, Garden Salad, Olives with Nord bread. 
  • European Platter: Smoked Trout, Pickled Beetroot, Ricotta and Capers, Feta Cheese with Nord Rye Bread. 
  • Cheese Platter: Locheilan Gold Medal Farmhouse Cheese Platter - Broken Blue, Wunghu Soft and Kulindi. All served with Flyfaire Riesling Paste and Nord Bread.

Christmas, Online Shop, and Gift Certificates

Business and Private Events  

Business and Private Events  

Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is starting to plan their Christmas functions. Flyfaire can accommodate up to 100 people for events and we cater to both business and private functions.

But hurry, as space is limited, especially for those popular Friday night and weekend dates - contact us at to get a quote today.

Did you also know about Flyfaire's range of $50, $100, $150, and $200 Gift Certificates available in our Online Shop. These are perfect gifts with Christmas just around the corner. They can be used for the purchase of our wines or at our cellar door for any café purchases, including food and beverage.

Also, don't forget that for Christmas you can also buy Flyfaire's range of wines online in our Shop. You can purchase a range of vintages including varieties such as Merlot, Riesling and Chardonnay.

Flyfaire Takes the Gold at Inland Tourism Awards

Last July, Julianne and Les, our Business Director and Winemaker, hit the road to attend the Inland Tourism Awards at Broken Hill. 

The Inland Tourism Awards are held every year to acknowledge excellence in tourism in the four Victorian and New South Wales regional tourism areas of Central, Inland, Murray and Riverina.

The team from Flyfaire were thrilled to have made the finals and we weren't expecting too much given the stiff competition.

We were totally surprised when the winner was announced and it was Flyfaire's name that was called. Our winemaker had this to say about the win:

“We put a lot of hard work into the submission and we’re delighted that it paid-off in such a big way. It really is such a fabulous surprise and great to be recognised for the hard work that we’ve put into our tourism experience.”
— Les, Flyfaire Winemaker

No rest for the wicked or so they say. Next, we've entered the NSW Tourism Awards with the finalists to be announced mid-October. 

Wine Awards: Riesling Challenge, NSW Small Winemakers

Flyfaire 2015 Riesling packed and ready for Canberra Riesling Challenge

Flyfaire 2015 Riesling packed and ready for Canberra Riesling Challenge

We've had two wine competitions on the radar recently, including a bronze winning performance at the NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show and entering our latest Riesling in the Canberra International Riesling Challenge.

At the 24th Annual NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show, our winemaker has again had success with our new Flyfaire 2014 "Jane in the Mist" Riesling which received a Bronze in the category "Blended Fortified Wine - Dry to Sweet" with the great score of 48.5 points. 

The other wine competition we're participating in is the celebrated Canberra International Riesling Challenge, which attracts wines from Riesling producing countries from all around the world and is seen as one of the most significant events of its type in the southern hemisphere. Having entered the challenge, we will be competing with 500 other Riesling producers from across the world. The results are out Friday the 16th of October, 2015.

Colouring In for Adults and Dine on the Grapewine Event

This coming 29th of October, the Henty Library is hosting an event at Flyfaire where it's time for the adults to colour in (who said colouring in was just for the kids) and enjoy wine tasting at the same time. 

The cost is only $5 bucks and it promises to be a social event. Bookings can be make by contacting for details or you can always contact us at (we will pass on your details).

NSW Small Winemakers | Flyfaire takes the Bronze

The 24th Annual NSW Small Winemakers Wineshow results are out and Flyfaire has again had success with our new Flyfaire 2014 "Jane in the Mist" Riesling which received a Bronze in the category "Blended Fortified Wine - Dry to Sweet" with the great score of 48.5 points. The class comments noted that it was good to see an interest still exists in fortified wine. Our winemaker created this new style due to customer demand for a sweeter style of wine and it's great to see it has been instantly recognised with this award.

This is our second medal at the NSW Small Winemakers, with last year's awards resulting in a Bronze medal for our Flyfaire 2013 Merlot. That vintage sold out earlier this year and we hope to have the same success with Jane in the Mist.

We missed out on medals with our other wine entries, including:

  • The Flyfaire 2014 Riesling in the category "Class 1 Dry White Table Wine - Riesling any Vintage" with a score of 44.5. We were just 2 points shy of receiving an award for our Flyfaire 2014 Riesling with the class comments noting that the wines had strong Riesling characteristics; and
  • The Flyfaire 2014 Merlot in the category "Class 18 Dry Red Table Wine, Merlot, any Vintage" with a score of 35.

The New South Wales Small Winemakers Show for 2014 held in Forbes, NSW. The competition is open to all vignerons provided they produce wine from no more than 500 tonnes of grapes per annum, not owned or part owned by a larger wine producer, and wines are made from grapes, 85% of which have been grown anywhere within NSW and the ACT. For the full list of results, click here.

Flyfaire Wines is located in the Woomargama National Park and we are close to the regional centres of Holbrook, Albury/Wodonga, Canberra, and Wagga Wagga. We produce quality cool climate wines and provide a premium cellar door experience.