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Feeding our Cows wine and reducing emissions? = Grape marc!

Original Posting: 17 of August, 2012

Growing up on a farm, we soon learnt that cattle will eat just about anything... So it is hardly surprising that cattle will munch down on some wine when they can.  Well, it's a bit expensive to feed our cattle our high quality wine, so we tried the next best thing - Grape marc!

Grape Marc

Grape Marc

'Grape marc' or 'pomace' is the solid remains of grapes after pressing for the wine juice. It contains the skins, pulp, seeds, and stems of the grapes (wikipedia - grape marc).  Whilst to most vineyards this is simply waste after processing the juice, we have found it is extremely nutritious for our cattle.

During the drought in the 'noughties', we fed the grape marc to our cattle as a feed source.  It was so popular with the cattle that they would stand around during processing, keenly watching on, and be waiting patiently for the scrumptious grape remains to be fed to them.  We also fed our cattle the 'cake' - which is the skins and the storks left after the press - yum!

Whilst this might not sound so appetising for us, the cattle love it and we thank this discovery for helping us getting through the drought.  Now, we are investigating research to confirm if Grape marc reduces methane emissions for our cattle.  From a food perspective, the beef has also shown that it is extra tender and well marbled with fat when fed with the grape marc - a double win for all the meat lovers and wine lovers!