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International Cool Climate Wine Show - Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

This year's International Cool Climate Wine Show has been deferred till 2016. Reasons given are that "proud of the quality of the Show" and, hence, "and determined it best to cancel the 2015 event (before entries closed) in order to stage an event that will be bigger and better than ever in 2016.". So, we guess that we'll be going next year instead!

The Show Committee has decided to defer the International Cool Climate Wine Show to 23rd-27th May 2016.
— http://www.coolclimatewineshow.org.au/

Flyfaire has entered two wines in this year's International Cool Climate Wine Show, which is going to be held in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria on May 25 – 29, 2015. We very excited to be participating in this year's competition and to be able to benchmark ourselves against other cool climate vineyards.

Our winemaker, Les, decided that two vintages made the cut for this year's show including:

Many of them are from smaller vineyards where grapes are handpicked and wines handcrafted by winemakers with a passion for exploring terroir and the true expression of the grape.
— http://www.coolclimatewineshow.org.au/

The show is amongst our peers, as the competing vineyards often have similar values to ours. In the words of the organisers, they describe perfectly what Flyfaire is all about (see quote left).

To be eligible to participate in the show, vineyards must demonstrate that they have a minimum average January temperature below 19° Celsius or be above 600 metres in elevation. Flyfaire meets both of these criteria with our vineyard being at 630m in elevation and average January temperatures well below 19° Celsius required. 

Flyfaire looks forward to participating in the show in May and we are crossing our fingers that we come away with an award (or two). We're sure we'll have fun either way!

To read more about the show - visit their site here.

Cool climate wines are rapidly capturing the hearts and minds of wine enthusiasts. Now the latest trends and winning wines from leading cool climate wine regions in Australia and New Zealand are about to be revealed.
— http://www.coolclimatewineshow.org.au/