Flyfaire's Spring Newsletter 2016

2016 NSW Small Winemakers Wine

Flyfaire has won bronze at the 2016 NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show held in Forbes, NSW. We entered our new line - Flyfaire 2016 Gold Chardonnay in the "CLASS 25 - Apera and Varietals or Blended Fortified Wine not covered by classes 26 or 27, Dry to Sweet" to win the bronze. 

We also entered a number of other vintages which also scored well, but missed out on gaining any medals - including Flyfaire 2016 Merlot Rouge and our Flyfaire 2015 Merlot & Chardonnay. The judges' comments were limited, but they did say that "most of the wines have flavour and freshness" in the Dry White Table for our 2015 chardonnay. We'll take what we can get we guess! 

We're a big supporter of the NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show. We've entered many of our wines these past few years and have received positive feedback for our wines. We'll definitely be back in 2017!

Big Rains are Good for Vines & for Summer Water Retention


We've all being talking lately of the big rains that we've been having and with the Hume Weir (Lake Hume) at 99.51% (11 Nov. 2016), it's understandable. 

For us at Flyfaire though, it's really good news as these early spring rains help our vines enormously. The rains for one help their spring growth after the winter dormant months. And, more importantly, they get them ready for the hot Aussie summer ahead by increasing water retention capacity. All good news to help us have a bummer 2017 crop!

The World Visits Flyfaire

With our recent sign on the Hume Hwy (M31), we have been receiving more and more international visitors. In response, we've put up a world map for when people enter. Visitors can place a pin to show where they're visiting from. 

So far, we've had visitors from (as shown in gallery above) Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Nepal, Canada, Kuwait, India - to name a few. It makes for interesting tales as we get to hear about people's travels and share stories with them. We're pretty sure our map will have a diverse set of locations shortly and all the better as we get to meet super interesting folks with great stories!

Backpackers Lodging

Running a vineyard is a lot of work - from picking, to pruning, to pressing, to bottling - there are so many tasks that have to be done. So, we often have to rely on getting outside help so that all these tasks can get done.

Given Australia's youth visa program that allows people to stay up to 2 years (they can stay an extra year on top of the first year so long as they spend 3 months or so working in a rural community), backpackers are often perfect candidates to help out as they are often looking for work in rural communities. 

Their contribution to rural and regional Australia cannot be understated as they often work in helping out businesses that can have difficulties in finding employees in these sometimes remote communities. 

The team at Flyfaire has being building backpacker lodging to enable us to better accommodate backpacker guests who want to stay and work at Flyfaire. We hope to have these lodgings finished shortly, as we've found that many backpackers don't have accommodation (and often isn't feasible for 3 months) easily available. We're looking forward to their valuable help and hosting them - as well as hearing about their often interesting travels and stories!

Newsletter - Winter 2015

Welcome to Flyfaire's seasonal newsletter. A special welcome also to our new newsletter sign-ups.

This newsletter we cover: Fireside Poetry event for a special bush poet - Billy Wye, the competitions we've been rushing about entering into, our new children's playground and family facilities, our newest suppliers, and our new conference room and private dining area.

We hope you enjoy this edition and please leave your comments on our online version.

The team at Flyfaire.

Fireside Poetry Event

This coming Saturday, the 4th of July, 2015 at 12pm - Flyfaire is presenting a wonderful afternoon of Fireside Poetry. The evening will be presented by Dianne Carroll, the author of 'Billy Wye - He was forgotten' and Michael Elvins, 2GHR 96.7 Community Radio Station presenter.

Lunch will be served at the event from 12pm to 2pm. Events will be presented throughout the afternoon by Dianne and Michael. A recent update is that there will also be live music and recitals by Bruce Clark and Maurice Judge to add to the excitement.

Contact us at or 02 6020 5264. Read more.



Billy Wye Poetry Event

Billy Wye Poetry Event

Competition Update

Recently, the folks at Flyfaire have been very busy entering a few competitions here and there. The following is a summary of what we've been up to:

Wish us luck as we attend the finals! We will post the results of all of the above in our blog on our website and Facebook where you can post your comments.

Les and Julianne at the Albury Northside Chamber of Commerce Awards

Les and Julianne at the Albury Northside Chamber of Commerce Awards

New Children's Playground at Flyfaire

You might have seen late last year that we had recently begun construction of our new playground (think Les and Jarryd with the High-Vis gear on the playground). The great news is that we have officially finished our newest addition to Flyfaire and it has been very popular with visiting families.

Having a 'Kid Friendly Winery' is true to our mission of having a great cellar door experience that enhances the local community and what better way than to ensure all ages are entertained when they visit Flyfaire!

For visiting families, we also offer inside the Cellar Door, we offer a baby toy box and also a children's menu to ensure all ages can enjoy something to eat or drink when visiting. Don't forget the very important problems that have been solved with pram access all on one level, baby changing facilities, choice of a quiet room or family area for breast feeding, and children's high chairs. Read more.

New Children's Playground at Flyfaire Wines

New Children's Playground at Flyfaire Wines

New Suppliers Nord Organic Bakery and Brother's Cup Coffee

We recently introduced two new suppliers at Flyfaire including:

  • Nord Organic Bakery located at 499 Ebden St. in South Albury. Baking authentic European breads and pastries using organic flour, filtered water and real butter. Read more.

  • Brother's Cup Coffee Indian Tiger Mountain A-Grade Coffee sweet in flavours with malt upfront, some orange acidity, a soft body and a bitter sweet chocolate / hazelnut finish. For each bag purchased, they donate US$1 towards the conservation and research of Indian Tigers in India. Read more.

Come our and enjoy our newest suppliers today.

Read more about sustainability.

Nord Bakery

Nord Bakery

New Conference Room Facilities and Private Dining Area

We're proud to now offer the newest feature at our Cellar Door - a private Conference Room for corporate and private events. 

The private conference room is not only great for corporate events, but also for private events such as small birthday parties, celebrations, Christmas functions, or even private dinners. These events, when booked in advance, offer a custom menu experience that is tailored to the customer's needs. The room can host between 8-10 people comfortably. Read more.


New Conference Room

New Conference Room

Flyfaire Wines is located in the Woomargama National Park and we are close to the regional centres of Holbrook, Albury/Wodonga, Canberra, and Wagga Wagga. We produce quality cool climate wines and provide a premium cellar door experience.

Brother's Cup Coffee - Indian Tiger Mountain A-Grade

Coffee is served at Flyfaire

Coffee is served at Flyfaire

We recently introduced Brother's Cup's coffee as a new local supplier of our coffee at Flyfaire. Flyfaire is committed to sourcing as many ethical and organic ingredients as possible - coffee being no exception. Our latest addition is Indian Tiger Mountain A-Grade coffee; sweet in flavours with malt upfront, some orange acidity, a soft body and a bitter sweet chocolate / hazelnut finish.

More about Indian Tiger Mountain A-Grade Coffee

The Tiger Mountain A Grade is a Bennetts exclusive and specially selected for its varietal and altitude classification. The coffee promotes a longstanding partnership with fundraising initiative 21st Century Tiger. The coffee is grown under shade trees in the
Bababudan Giris region in India and comprises of SL795, SL9 and cauvery varietals. India cultivates all of its coffee under a well-defined two-tier mixed shade canopy, comprising evergreen leguminous trees. Nearly 50 different types of shade trees are found in
coffee plantations. Shade trees prevent soil erosion on a sloping terrain; they enrich the soil by recycling nutrients from deeper layers, protect the coffee plant from seasonal fluctuations in temperature, and play host to diverse flora and fauna.


For each bag of Tiger Mountain sold, the supplier donate US$1 towards the conservation and research of Indian tigers in Kahna National Park in the Mandla and Balaghat regions of India. This year we are supporting an exciting new conservation project utilising state-of-the-art technology which will revolutionise our understanding of the behaviour and movement of tigers in the wild.

Come and try the new coffee today at Flyfaire and let us know your thoughts!