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Autumn 2015 Newsletter

Les, our winemaker and Julianne, our Business Director

Les, our winemaker and Julianne, our Business Director

Welcome to Flyfaire's seasonal newsletter. A special welcome also to our new newsletter sign-ups.

A lot has been going on since we last spoke! Some of you might have seen on our Facebook that we are launching a newly revised website. We hope that it will make your interaction with Flyfaire online an even more simpler and richer experience allowing to you connect with us and find out what you want about us.

We were awarded a medal for our now "Sold Out" 2013 Flyfaire Merlot at the NSW Small Winemakers Show - which we were awestruck by.

We have had an up and down vintage - certainly making for an interesting 2015 vintage (separate post here). 

We hope you enjoy this newsletter - it is certainly jam packed.

The team at Flyfaire.

New Look Website coming this Week

As mentioned above, we are launching a new look this week. The newly revised website has changed significantly from the current one and it may be a little bit of a shock when you first log-on. However, it will be a simpler website experience with focus on what you visit us for! Improvements and changes include:

  • The home page now contains the most important information that you need to access including:
    • Who we are & social media access buttons ; 
    • Slideshow for access to explore our wines, access to our blog, our café, and itineraries
    • Menu & Drinks - many of you requested our menu to be our website and we've listened by providing your favourite dishes as well as our drinks menu ; 
    • Our Contact Information.
  • Our blog has combined numerous pages including our blog posts, newsletters, press, events, and much more. Our blog experience is now a much richer experience.
  • You can learn all about us on new page about Our Team & Our Story.
  • We have a newly developed page on Sustainability which explains all of the ways that we helping to reduce our impact to mother earth.

You can always see a summary of our pages be clicking on the 3-Line Navicon (yes that is a technical name) in the top-left corner.


We hope that our new website experience is a simpler and easier process for you to connect with us by providing the content you want!

We expect our new website to be up and running by next weekend (28-29 of March) - but we will email you to let you know that the changeover has occurred. We hope that there is minimal impact to availability of our website and email - however there could be a small amount of downtime during this transition. Please bear with us if you cannot access our services. We are always available on (02) 6020 5264 if you need to contact us!

**Please note: Following the transition to our new website, previous links provided in previous newsletters will no longer work. All newsletters will be available in our blog. And will continue to work as normal.

Flyfaire 2013 Merlot Wins Award at the NSW Small Winemakers Show

We are very proud to annouce that last year we won our first medal which was awarded to our 2013 Merlot in the New South Wales Small Winemakers Show for 2014 held in Forbes, NSW.

We were overjoyed to achieve this recognition with it being the first time we have ever entered our Merlot in a competition. We have now sold out of this vintage, but we are looking forward to achieving further results with the 2014 vintage yet to be released.

2015 Vintage Update

FlyfaireWines Marty Visits Flyfaire

Excerpts from 2015 vintage blog post:

The growing season started with a repetition of last year with frosts for the first few weeks in October, 2014. This presented a good opportunity to test the frost heater installed last year. Protecting the young shoots is critical at this time because any damage to a new shoot will result in the year’s crop being wiped out.


The season threw more challenges with stormy and humid weather as well as large temperature swings of over 20°C differentials during a 24 hour period. Tropical like fogs descended upon Flyfaire followed by the more traditional dry spells requiring irrigation of the vines.


This season saw our first crop of grapes from the new "Don Pepe Carménère Block". How exciting to harvest a grape variety predominately grown in Chile. A small batch of 40 litres is now fermenting under the watchful eye of the  winemaker, Les.

Read more here